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      金 融

             恒力集團旗下吳江市蘇南農村小額貸款股份有限公司、宿遷市宿城區恒生農村小額貸款有限公司經江蘇省人民政府金融工作辦公室批準,為江蘇省第一批試點單位。小 額貸款公司總注冊資金超5億元,擁有專業的貸款管理團隊,積極幫助青年創業、就業,以實際行動參與支農惠農工程,為廣大中小企業和農戶提供及時有力的金融 支持,受到社會各界的高度關注和好評。

      Micro-credit is a beneficial supplement for perfecting credit financial system and strengthening financial markets function.
      As the units of Hengli Group, Wujiang southern Jiangsu rural micro-credit Co., Ltd., and Suqian Sucheng District Hengsheng rural micro-credit limited-liability company which have been approved by Jiangsu province people's government financial office, have become the first batch of pilot unit in Jiangsu province. The total registered capital of the micro-credit company exceeds 0.5 billion RMB. It has professional loan management team, actively helps young people start a business and get a job, participates in the project of aiding agriculture and benefiting farmers, and provides vast medium-sized and small enterprises and farmers with timely and powerful financial support, which receives high attention and praise from all sectors of the community.
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