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      Complying with the guidelines of “helping economic development and bringing benefits to our posterity”, Hengli Group achieves significant progress in thermal power field. Suzhou Susheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd, and Hengli Petrochemical (Changxing Island, Dalian) Industrial Park’s self-provided thermal power plants adopt the advanced controlling system and circulatory fluidized bed boiler with excellent environmental performance and the world-class environmentally friendly flue gas desulfurization and denitration technology. It has a 668,000-kilowatt generating unit with an air supply capacity of over 6,000 tons/hour.
      The thermal power enterprise thoroughly carries out standardized management mode, establishes modern operation mechanism of power generation enterprises, strives for realizing the great goals of “improving the comprehensive utilization of energy and facilitating local economic development”, and becoming a first-class manufacturing enterprise of thermal power in South Jiangsu area. 

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